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We define Vision as our view of the business world over the next 5-10 years, and Mission as what we are charging ourselves with to help our clients seize competitive advantage in this marketplace.


The next ten years will be a dynamic growth period for the construction industry and related industries in California. This environment will provide unprecedented opportunity for all segments of the construction industry. However, increased focus on compliance, financial stability, risk aversion and service will only serve to benefit companies that are strategic thinkers and in complete control of their financial processes.


JHS CPAs, LLP will provide clients with an unsurpassed expertise in the construction industry and a portfolio of products and services designed to manage marketplace uncertainty and assuage cautionary concerns of decision-makers who will award billions of dollars in projects.

Arming our clients with knowledge, putting them in control of their finances and helping them build and protect their public image of competence and stability will give our clients superior access to new marketplace opportunities.


To ensure optimum service for our clients, JHS CPAs, LLP willingly participates in a yearly peer review. We are proud to say that our business standards, practices and objectives have received high ratings from our peers. Below is a link to our most recent review for your reference.

2020 Peer Review Report

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