Forensic and Litigation Support Services

Forensic and Litigation Support 

There is nothing more uncertain and unsettling than having to deal with the litigation process. This whole process is unsettling because it is not about right and wrong. It is about collecting, controlling and presenting information with rationale and support that furthers your position on an issue. There is no leeway for error. A technical mistake will leave you vulnerable to attack from the other side. A positioning or presentation error can undermine your whole case.

Any litigation, be it a minor contractual dispute, a major valuation or fraud issue, or a state or federal tax issue, can only be resolved in your favor if you have managed to exercise knowledgeable control over all aspects of the litigation process, which includes discovery (consult), investigation, analysis and presentation of argument. This is true for arbitration and mediation hearings as well as state and federal court trials.

Pulling the best case together and presenting it with conviction, authority and credibility is a key differentiator for JHS CPAs, LLP.

We do not hand the work off to you after it is done. When necessary, we are right with you in the hearing or court room providing expert forensic accountant testimony to help control the uncertainty of this high tension process.

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