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Panic, fear, doubt and confusion are all classic symptoms of acute proximity to tax season. The underlying cause of this emotional condition is the rapidly increasing complexity of the local and federal tax codes and government rules of business compliance. While tax codes and government compliance rules are the dominant force, business owners are also a contributing factor in creating the tax season emotional condition. Simply put, most business owners and many CPAs believe that the thinking starts at tax time. All the effort is put into how to make the best out of what has happened over the past quarter or the past year.

Our approach to tax is based on proactive, early planning intervention that will increase your control over your business and its financial condition. There are two simple components that drive the way JHS CPAs, LLP thinks about taxes that turn the traditional accountant’s approach of justifying past behavior into a proactive approach, using knowledge of tax regulations to increase the value of your business:

  1. Forward focused strategic planning
  2. Realization that tax season is 365 days a year

Embracing this philosophy and partnering with JHS CPAs, LLP will make you an effective contender in the war on tax complexity and put control of your company’s future in your hands.

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